Do More 24 … with DBCC and United Way!

Do you want to create positive change throughout the state of Delaware? If yes, join us for Do More 24!



Do More 24 is Delaware’s first community day of giving campaign. This online fundraiser will begin at 12:01 AM and end at 11:59 PM on June 2nd. The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition is participating in the Do More 24 Delaware campaign, which is powered by United Way of Delaware. The innovative fundraiser will bring together more than 250 nonprofits that serve the entire state. We hope you will join us for Do More 24 Delaware by supporting our organization. Here are some ways you can help:
  1. Donate. On June 2nd, go to
  2. Spread the word. Ask your friends and family to join you in creating positive change on June 2nd.
  3. Share our stories. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and help us spread the word about donating to the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition on June 2 for Do More 24!
If you are thinking to yourself.. there are so many worthwhile nonprofits in Delaware to help on June 2 …why should I give to DBCC? We thought you might ask that! Instead of us telling you about all the great local programs and services we provide to the community, it might be helpful to hear from our friend and breast cancer survivor, Lori Holveck, pictured below with her daughter and son.

lori photo 3


Lori Holveck was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31. Her daughter was 3 years old and her son was 6 months. She had a double mastectomy, 6 rounds of chemotherapy, and 31 treatments of chest wall radiation. In August 2015, Lori was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer that had metastasized to her liver, lungs, bones, and brain. But Lori is a fighter and she doesn’t let this bring her or her family down!

Lori is fortunate to have a wonderful network of family members, friends, and coworkers who provide her with love and care. But she also relies on the support of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. Lori took some time to tell you about her experience as a survivor and some of the ways the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition is helping women like her in our community.


What does being a survivor mean to you: For me, being a Survivor was a short lived experience… It was such a special day when I was told I was good to go!! What a relief!! I made a promise to myself that when I got that news, I would take the kids to Disney again, which I did! Being a Survivor means you are an awesome fighter and have beaten a nasty, mean disease. There are many ups and downs during treatment but the key is to never give up! And never be afraid to ask for help! Now that I’m going through this for the second time, I consider myself a true Cancer Warrior. Since my cancer has metastasized, I will be on maintenance chemo for the rest of my life.

What do you want people to know about being a breast cancer survivor: I would like people to know that it’s okay to ask how I’m feeling or how I’m holding up. I have good days and bad days…sometimes I just need a big hug! Some days I want to talk about it, some days I want to ignore the fact that I have to and pretend I’m living a normal life. But it’s always okay to ask.

What kind of support does the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition bring to you and your family: The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition was the best way for me to get information and help. Lois Wilkinson is awesome and has been by my side throughout my whole treatments. Their Peer Mentor Program is great for people who have been diagnosed! It was a great help for me and answered so many questions when I was first diagnosed. There were so many terms and words that I didn’t understand. The Young Survivors In Action was great too, and I got to meet a special group of young women like myself who were diagnosed. My family has been picked for their Tanger Outlets Trees of Hope Program which has helped me out tremendously at Christmas time. Being a single mother can be financially challenging sometimes. We also received an amazing Thanksgiving meal, all thanks to Lois, the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, and Fifers Orchards.

What would you tell someone to encourage them to donate to DBCC: I would encourage everyone to support the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. You are helping all ages of women who are coping with trying to beat this nasty beast. Funds are used for LOCAL women in need of help, whether it be emotionally, financially, or medically.


Your donation, no matter how big or how small can make a huge impact!
What would $24 do for DBCC?
A donation at this level will provide access to health and wellness for the women and men we serve. As an organization, we understand the needs of survivors and that not everyone has access to health and wellness. To break this barrier, we offer assistance with medical co-pays, access to prosthetic bras, lymphedema sleeves, wigs, scarves, and so much more through the Breast Care Fund. This limited source of funding assist those that need it most by offsetting some healthcare cost to ensure that no one has a barrier to receive their full access to medical care.

What would $48 do for DBCC?

A donation at this level will support The Annual Breast Cancer Update. The Update features leading medical experts and speakers discussing the most up-to-date information on breast cancer treatment and survivorship. To continue to offer this free event that is open to the public, we need the support of donors like you.
What would $124 do for DBCC?
A donation at this level will support the Survivorship program, Peer Mentor Support. Peer Mentors provide free one-on-one support and education to those newly diagnosed. Peer Mentors are breast cancer survivors who have gone through their journey and wish to provide psychosocial support to someone newly diagnosed.
What would $248 do for DBCC?
A donation at this level will support our Education and Community programs. To help us accomplish our mission, we have developed, adapted, and implemented a variety of programs and resources to educate the community about breast health, breast cancer, risk factors, early detection, and screening. Our culturally competent programs are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of audiences and can be customized to fit the time allowed, specific concerns, or the interest of the audience.



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