Survivor Spotlight: Lori Holveck

Lori Holveck was first diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago, at the age of 31. Her daughter was 3 years old and her son was 6 months. She had a double mastectomy, 6 rounds of chemotherapy, and 31 treatments of chest wall radiation. However in August 2015, Lori was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer that had metastasized to her liver, lungs, bones, and brain. She will be on chemotherapy for the rest of her life. But Lori is a fighter and she doesn’t let this bring her or her family down.

Lori is fortunate to have a wonderful network of family members, friends, and coworkers who provide her with love and care. But she also relies on the support of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. A phone call from a Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition survivorship staff member, the guidance of a Peer Mentor, or the comradery that comes from a Young Survivor in Action program, all help Lori to know that she’s not alone.

Lori is one special lady and we are lucky to know her. DBCC is proud to call Lori a friend and feature her in the survivor spotlight for sharing her story with others!

Photo Credit: Montgomery/Ford Photography