Wilmington University Athletic Deptartment goes PINK!

WilmU Women’s Soccer Team with their opponents at 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Game

Joshua Ruggiero, Wilmington University Head Women’s Soccer Coach, wanted to use sports as a platform to help others and he knew the girls on the team would be up for the challenge—the challenge being to raise awareness of breast cancer on the field.

The Wilmington University Women’s and Men’s Soccer teams designated one of their normal season games as a “Breast Cancer Awareness Game.”  The Athletics Department purchased custom pink uniforms and a pink soccer ball for the games.  “With the uniforms, there is no doubt about what we’re out there for,” Josh said.  The team members handed pink ribbons to spectators who made donations.  Even the referees sported pink ribbons for the cause.  “The opposing teams are always interested in taking part in the special night.  Last year the girls on the other team wore pink ribbons in their hair and on their shoes to show their support.”

Wilm U Softball Team 2011

The women’s and men’s soccer teams started the “Breast Cancer Awareness Game” tradition and now other Wilmington University teams have joined in, including Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Softball, and Women’s and Men’s Basketball. All of the teams have custom pink uniforms that they wear for their respective “Breast Cancer Awareness Games.”

When asked why DBCC was chosen, Josh said, “We wanted to help a local organization and know that whatever funds we could raise would help the local community and have an impact immediately.”  Josh explains that he is very fortunate because he has a lot of support from the campus community, the administration, the families, the players, the conference, and even other states. “We have girls from Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and more so they go back to their home states and raise funds to be used in Delaware,” Josh explains.

“I wanted to give the girls a way to get involved and affect their lives in a positive way and it has been extremely rewarding. I look forward to it and the small steps we have taken to impact a lot of people.” Wilmington University Athletics has made a big impact on DBCC—raising over $7,100!

Wilm U Women’s Basketball Team 2010-11

The Wilmington University Women’s Soccer team had quite the season to remember last year going undefeated in their conference. “We had an amazing season last year and supporting DBCC and the fight against breast cancer is just the icing on the cake,” Josh said.

DBCC is thankful for the support of Wilmington University Athletics and the awareness and funds they raise.  “And we are thankful for the support from DBCC. They have been great with a million times the support. And they didn’t bat at eye about what athletics can do for the cause,” Josh said.

This year’s “Breast Cancer Awareness Game” for soccer will be held on Saturday, October 8 at Caravel Academy in Bear. The Women’s team will play at 5:30 pm vs. Concordia College and the Men’s team will play at 7:30 vs. Concordia CollegePlease come out and show your support!

All photos courtesy of Wilmington University Athletics Department.

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